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Het leven is wat mij inspireert voor mijn kunstwerken. Voor mij staat het voor puurheid, ontwikkeling, verandering en groei en dat is precies wat ik wil vangen. Want met mijn kunstwerken wil ik jou inspireren, op welke manier dan ook. Dat is het mooie aan kunst; je haalt eruit waarnaar jij op zoek bent.

Vanuit gevoel en passie gebruik ik verschillende technieken en materialen voor mijn kunstwerken. Hierdoor bestaat elk schilderij uit talloze lagen en zie je telkens iets anders. Elke laag vertelt een eigen verhaal, waardoor je op verschillende niveaus wordt aangesproken.

Happy customers

  • “The first thing I notice every day are the beautiful art prints, a central point in our living room. It just completes our room, I can see it from the kitchen, our dining room table and it just makes me so happy!”

  • “I really enjoy having art in my home. It tells my 'story' without me having to speak”
    W. Lavrijssen

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Frequently Asked Questions

What material are the art prints printed on?
The Giclée art prints are printed on museum quality paper.

What is a Giclée print?
A Giclée print is a high-quality and detailed print of my original artwork. This printing technique is very accurate, allowing the colors, details, layers, techniques and materials to stand out.

What are the dimensions of the art prints?
The size varies and is indicated per print.

What are the shipping costs for the art prints?
Within Europe, shipping is free when you place an order over €50, otherwise you pay shipping costs. Would you like to receive an art print outside Europe? Shipping costs are automatically calculated when you place an order and enter the address.

Will I receive a frame?
The art prints do not include a frame. This way you can style the art print in your own way, so that it fits perfectly with your interior.

  • Giclee Art Prints

    My art prints are of high quality, so the different layers come to life and the colors pop. A print that suits every style and budget. You can choose how you frame the art print or place it somewhere.

  • Art, a special and personal gift

    Which life do you want to enrich with an art print? The art prints are prints of my original artwork and available in different sizes. Art is a special and personal gift that you can enjoy for a lifetime.

An original work of art; more than just decoration

An art print is nice to have, but nothing beats the original work of art! Here you see and feel the passion, attention, feeling and inspiration from which the work of art emerged. I don't see my works of art just as decoration, I see them as a reflection of your thoughts, feelings and emotions. With my artwork I want to appeal to you in such a way that it touches you and enriches your life.

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