About me

Ellis Hollering

I am a Dutch abstract realistic artist and with my artwork I want to capture the beauty and essence of life to inspire others. Life consists of different layers and everyone looks at it differently. All from a different perspective, a different story. That's why I see art as a journey of transformation, connection, strength and vulnerability; At every stage of your life you experience art in a different way. Do you feel confident? Then you will especially notice the bold colors and the powerful and purposeful brushstrokes. Do you need more balance? Then your attention is more likely to focus on the different layers and you will notice how beautifully they flow into each other. And that's what I think is special about art!

My journey as an artist

When I realized how much happiness painting brought me, my journey as an artist began. Literally and that was great, because traveling is my other great passion! I signed up for an art retreat in Greece and immediately followed a training course to further develop myself. Since that moment, my life has been dedicated to painting and I paint everything that inspires me!

Life is my greatest source of inspiration

Nature, travel, emotions, events, experiences, colors, expressions... I get the inspiration for my artwork from life. For example, by working with different layers. Life also consists of all kinds of layers and which layer you see or feel depends on your perspective. What you pay attention to grows. In this way, something different always emerges in my artworks, allowing them to grow with you and inspire you.

More about me

My full name is Ellis Hollering and I was born in Veldhoven on October 29, 1987. Now I live in Eindhoven and I also have my studio here. As a child I was already extremely creative, but studying at art academy did not feel like the right path. I decided to study Small Business and then further study Media Design. That gave me the opportunity to set up my business as a freelance graphic designer and realize my dream of being able to work anywhere in the world. This way I could combine my love for traveling with work.

I now also use my experience as a graphic designer for my artworks. I convert my ideas into a digital design and then work with my hands to bring the artwork to life.

'Beauty Reigns' in Miami

Last October 2023 I exhibited my art during the 'Beauty Reigns' exhibition in Miami. I was interviewed prior to the exhibition. Would you like to know more about me, my background and my paintings? Then watch the video below.

And who are you?

I'd love to get to know you too! Don't hesitate to contact me.