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Ellis Hollering Art

Waves of Fortitude

Waves of Fortitude

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'Waves of Fortitude'
where courage meets tranquility

Inspired by the koi carp, this artwork reflects resilience and the beauty of overcoming adversity. Koi carp teach us to navigate the currents of life with courage and turn challenges into paths to prosperity and joy.

This work of art was born from moments of personal triumph. During my travels and in everyday life, I have encountered obstacles that tested my spirit. Like the koi, I learned to move with grace and purpose and found strength in the flow of life. These experiences have not only shaped me into who I am, but have also given depth and meaning to my work.

I want to share this journey with you. This framed symbol of resilience is looking for a new home, ready to inspire strength and happiness in its new environment.

Ø 40 cm / 16"
Mixed media & oil on canvas

  • Including white or black list
  • Reproductions available

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