Artist biography

Ellis Hollering is a Dutch artist, born on October 29, 1987 in Veldhoven, the Netherlands.

As a child she already enjoyed drawing and especially working with colors. Her talent was recognized at a young age. She was recommended to go to the art academy, but she didn't feel at home there. She chose to study Small Business to fulfill her dream of being able to work anywhere in the world. During her studies, she found out that she really missed creating, being busy with her hands, being able to make beautiful things. This resulted in a follow-up study in Media Design, in order to be able to create in a digital way.

After a long period of working as a freelance graphic designer, it started to itch again to get started with paint. In search of the perfect education that could fulfill her needs, she followed a variety of courses and workshops. Ultimately, this quest brought her to the Milan Art Institute in Georgia, USA in 2021. She followed an online program where she found her artistic voice, which allowed her to take the next step in her art career.

For a long time she found it difficult to share her art with the world and kept the artwork in her studio. But the enthusiastic response to the paintings when she opened up encouraged her to move on. This resulted in paintings as real eye-catchers. That is probably the best description for her paintings. They dominate an interior due to the lively and intense colors. Inspired by her many travels, she often paints portraits of women from other cultures.

The paintings are full of strong colors, made up of different layers with powerful brushstrokes. The process involves mixed media, with materials such as acrylic, spray paint, markers and gold leaf. The accurate details combined with very expressive brushstrokes make her work unique.

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For direct questions or business inquiries please write an email to art@ellishollering.nl