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Topaz Goddess - Birthstone November - Artwork on Paper

Topaz Goddess - Birthstone November - Artwork on Paper

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Adorn your home or office with the stunning art sketch of a woman's face embellished with topaz birthstones. Topaz is known for its beauty, symbolism, and versatility, and is said to bring success and good fortune to those who wear it. The unique sparkle and brilliance of topaz makes it a valuable investment and a versatile addition to any jewelry collection. Be sure to consider the quality, cut, clarity, and carat weight when buying topaz and opt for ethical and sustainable sources. And if you're looking for a meaningful gift, topaz is also the birthstone for November.

" Let the power of Topaz guide you towards success and good fortune. "

30x40cm / 12x16"
Mixed media on paper

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