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Sapphire Goddess - Birthstone September - Artwork on Paper

Sapphire Goddess - Birthstone September - Artwork on Paper

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Enhance the elegance of your home or office with a beautiful art sketch of a woman adorned with the stunning sapphire birthstone. This unique and meaningful piece of art depicts the power and beauty of the sapphire gemstone, which represents wisdom, truth, and loyalty. The sketch is a timeless work of art that is perfect for those who appreciate beauty, elegance, and the rich symbolism of the sapphire stone. The sketch is a perfect decoration for any room, and it will serve as a daily reminder of the importance of knowledge, truth, and loyalty.

"Unleash your inner power and be inspired to conquer the world. Let the energy of Sapphire lead you on an unstoppable journey of success."

30x40cm / 12x16"
Mixed media on paper

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